My name is Cédric. I live near Liège, Belgium. Locator: JO20tr  Photo de ON3CED

I'm born in 1981, and I started to do radio in 1992 on 27Mhz, at the age of 11.

I've been licensed in november 2019. I'm actually active in HF, VHF and UHF.
I do some outdoor activations (WCA/BCA, flora-fauna, GMA, ... Please log me under the correct callsign).

I am member of the Belgian emergency communication network (B-EARS).
I like the principle of being able to be there to help others, when necessary.

I am member of the Radio Amateur Team section (ON4RAT).
I think being affiliated with a club is very important. Beyond the human relationship, we always learn something. The “elders” are there to pass their knowledge on to you, and there is always someone to lend a hand.

I am affiliated with UBA (Royal Belgian Union of Amateur Transmitter).


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