At home, my working conditions are:

Photo Shack- Yaesu FT-991a + Yaesu MD-100 (HF/VHF/UHF) 
- Yaesu FT-950 (HF/6m) + DMU-2000
- Kenwood TM-G707 (VHF/UHF)
- CRT 279 U/V (VHF/UHF)

- Diamond V-2000 under the roof (VHF/UHF/6m)
- Magnetic loop MFJ-1788 (7 -> 21 Mhz)
- Random wire 13,5m long in slopper
- Diamond CP6

For my outdoor activities, I'm working with:

- Yaesu FT-857D on a flightcase with: 
- LDG AT-100 Pro (automatic antenna tuner)
- CW/RRTY decoder
- Raspberry Pi 3 and Yaesu SCU-17

- Xiegu G90 for activities requiring lightness, or "express" activations 

- I usually use a G5RV home-made, in an inverted V position, at a height of around 15 meters.
I also use sometimes a G5RV Junior, an EFHW antenna (40m long), a Diamond CP6, and a Yagi-Uda VHF/UHF (4 el VHF & 5 el UHF).

- I've made a powerbox with all needed outlets (Powerpoles, cigar plugs, usb plugs, banana plugs) with a LIFEPO4 20Ah battery, with the kind help of ON6KHI.

- I have an Icom IC-2730e in my car.

- I work digital modes with a Raspberry Pi both on the shack (Pi4) and outdoor (Pi3).

My outdoor activities are mostly made with the help of ON3HMT, ON6KHI and ON4BQ (teamwork!), wich I really thank for the time spent !

Photo PowerBox1 Photo Powerbox2 
Photo G5RV Antenna Photo WCA/BCA Activation

Photo Flightcase ON3CED